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Idea to value generating applications leveraging MLOps | Jawad Saleemi

We had two awesome presenters during our first MLOps meetup, Jodie Burchell (JetBrains Data Science developer advocate) and Jawad Saleemi (Ruter ML Lead).

During Jawads presentation, he walked us through several data sources available at Ruter, the use machine learning use cases they have defined, and how these have been put to production by use of MLOps best practices. It was really inspiring to learn how Ruter goes from concept to producing value by use of MLOps!

Jodie showed us different ways in which we can extract meaning from text for use in machine learning modelling. We had the chance to learn how the attention models powering systems such as #DallE and #StableDifussion work. This was super interesting, after all... MLOps without ML is just something else!

To see Jodies presentation, click here:

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